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Copying services 2014-10-10

photocopying, printing, scanning materials - price-list


 photocopying (self-service)  0.15 zł
 printing A4  0.50 zł
scanning  0.15 zł

copyright regulations

In Poland, all the issues related to copyright law are regulated by the Act on Copyright and Related Rights of February 4,1994, as amended. According to this act the work, which has been already disseminated, may be copied without author's permission but only for the purposes of private use, i.e. study, research, review.

This means that a single copy of a part or even an entire document can be made, but only for the purpose of private use.

If more than a few words from another author's work are cited for research and teaching purposes, for all the quotations or paraphrases the proper in-text citations as well as references at the end of the paper should always be provided.

copyright law - databases

We kindly remind you that according to the copyright law as well as licence agreements it is prohibited to print and/or copy the whole journals issues or conference materials. The amount of articles downloaded at one time should correspond to the actual needs resulting from the scientific or didactic work. Any abuse of this rule may result in cutting off the access to the databases by the distributor.

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